Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge #Season 1 - Episode 2

Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge #Season 1 - Episode 2

By: Renée van Turenhout


How are you all doing on implementing the #6 Weight Loss and Living Healthier Tips?


Did you manage to keep up the changes for 30 days?


Please let me know how your journey is going and what your goal is?

Weight loss, muscle growth, decrease body fat percentage (dry training) or eating healthier.


I can’t wait to share more tips and trics with you to help you on your weight loss and living healthier journey.


In #episode 1, I mentioned a few ot the many different diets there are, I will come back to this in the future, to share with you my personal experience and for you to try out what works best for you.


For now I would like to share some more general managable tips for all women, not depending on your eating habbits or lifestyle you pursue.


A short sum-up of Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge #Season 1 - Episode 1:

#1 Drink water; How much water you should drink? Make your favourite summer water (recipes).

#2 Skip sugars; Sugars you should and shouldn’t eat.

#3 Ask yourself the right questions before eating something.

#4 Keep yourself accountable; Different body types and their diets.

#5 Get rid of sweets, snacks and soda’s that are too tempting.

#6 Motivate and be kind to yourself!


Remember take it step by step! This way you will reach your goal 💪.


# instant Weight Loss and Living Healthier tips, that you can apply from today!


#7 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Sleep enough, What does your body do while sleeping?

Us women in general need between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night. During our sleep there are important processes happening that are important for our cardiovascular health; our heart and breathing rate and also our blood pressure rises and fall. Also hormones are being released during our sleep, they are extremely important to help repair cells and control our body's use of energy. These hormone changes can have affects to your body weight. Also while we sleep our body works to repair muscles, organs and other cells. Our immune system gets stronger as chemicals that have a good influence on our system start to circulate in our blood.


#8 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Keep moving

It’s important to keep our body in motion, we should do exercise or at least have light exercise every day, this can differentiate from doing weight training to cardio to fitness to having a nice walk outdoors. Try to get yourself to do at least one of these things everyday. And a good tric that always works, if there’s a stairs, try to take that one in stead of the elevator.

Your body and mind will be gratefull for it!

Keep this up for at least 30 days!


#9 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Find a buddy

If you can find a buddy, your partner, a close friend that you spend a lott of time with and ask them to keep you accountable on eating healthy, drink water, to prevent you from eating while you’re actually not hungry.

And even better find a buddy who will join you!

This way you keep each other accountable and motivated. And for the moments you kind of lost the feeling of motivation you should meet or call your buddy so they can keep you on the right track. Offcourse this works both ways, you also keep your buddy accountable and motivated.


#10 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Make your own gratitudeboard and visionboard.

Making a gratitudeboard of the things you are greatefull for at this moment in your life, will bring joy to your life every time you look at it!

We often forget or take the small things in life for granted, but we shouldn’t.

Everytime you will look at this board you will feel gratitude and happiness!


Also making a visionboard can really help you keep in mind what your goal is, to stay focused on it and to in the end accomplish it!

Put there pictures of the things you want to achieve, the things that are most important for you to accomplish in your life.

Your gratitude and visionboard will keep you positive and create a positive mindset!


Offcourse this gratitude and visionboard can change as life passes, so make sure to keep it updated!



Get started today, share your experience with us on social media, tag us, so I can keep track of how all you beautifull amazing women are doing!


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I’m proud of you!

Stay healthy, positive and motivated!




Reread: #Season 1 - Episode 1: Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge.