Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge #Season 1 - Episode 1

Weight Loss - Living Healthier Challenge #Season 1 - Episode 1

By: Renée van Turenhout


What’s the best diet for you?


There are so many diets and each of them claim to be the best.

But is it true that 1 specific diet is good for everbody?


You want to loose weight, you want to gain muscles or you just want to eat healthier.

What’s your goal?


As we are all different people, with all different structures, different eating habits, and different life attitudes this might not be the case.


All these diets may have some good things, but in the end the most important thing is to change your lifestyle to a lifestyle that you feel comforatable and happy with.


Loosing weight for a vegetarian, vegan person or a raw foodie, will not have the same diet as someone who lives by the Paleo, Keto or Atkins or any other diet.


We would like you to give some tips that are managable for all women, no matter what eating habbit or life attitudes you pursue.


It’s also important to know when you’re starting you’re your weight loss goal or l living healthier adventure, to take it step by step.

Crash diets are not good for your body and also most people are not able to keep up, which makes it even more difficult to stay motivated in your weight loss challenge.

Also changing your habits from one day to the other in extreme will not be do-able, I tried many diets from raw food, to keto, to vegetarian, to vegan and changing from one day to the other made it more harder to keep up!


#5 instant Weight Loss and Living Healthier tips, that you can apply from today!


#1 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Drink water

Start by changing your Soft drinks for water, we also have some nice #summer water recipes to chear up your water intake.



#2 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Skip sugars

Try to drink your tea and coffee without sugar, this might taste awfull the first times, but after tasting it for at least 15 times you’re taste pupils are getting used to the taste and you end up eating/drinking way less calories that you’re body doesn’t need.


#3 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Ask yourself questions???

When you feel like eating, first ask yourself this question: am I hungry?

Most of the times we mistake our feeling of thirst with hunger, which makes us eat more then we actually need.

Then ask yourself these 3 questions:        

  • when did I drink my last glass of water, could it be I’m thirsty? (not soda, coffee or black tea) read more about how much water you should drink a day and why…
  • when did I have my last meal? Was it more then 2 hours ago? If it wasn’t longer then 2 hours You might have to think about making your meals more nutricious. Read this article to find out more about eating more nutricious.
  • will I regret if I will eat this now?


If the answers to these questions are all no, you’re hungry, you should definately eat something nitritious which gives you energy for the next 2-4 hours.


#4 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Keep yourself accountable on how you want to look and feel in 1-2 years!

  • Put a picture of yourself from the past or a women you’re looking up to, that’s like your rolemodel on your fridge and cabinet where you put your snacks, so everytime you want to open it and grab something to eat, you see that lady! This way you keep yourself accountable, think twice to take that food and stay motivated for what’s you’re goal!
  • Just make sure that this woman has a body type that’s matching to yours, it has to be realistic and do-able for you. Read more about different body types and their diets.



#5 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Get rid of sweets, snacks and soda’s that are too tempting.

We all know the feeling, you feel like eating or maybe just want to grab a small snack. The problem with this is if you have all your favorite snacks in the house, you will be much easer tempted to eat them. Try to keep just 1 of your favorites and get rid of the others! And most important allow yourself to let’s say every other day have a small snack of which you would normally have multiple every day. And as the weeks pass by, change it to every other 2 days and so on, untill you reach 1 time per week!


#6 Weightloss / Living Healthy:

Motivate and be kind to yourself!

Every day before you go to bed, tell yourself 5 things that you did good that day, what gave you a feeling that made you proud of yourself.


Keep this up for at least 30 days!

If you did so, WOW, great job 💪 celebrate it, you’ve just made a huge change in your life!

Be proud of yourself and keep up these changes.

After committing and being consistent with a habit change for 30 days, you’re body and mind will accept it as a permanent change!

Now it’s up to you to stay motivated with these life changing positive habits.


The beginning of your challenge is made!

Let’s get ready for the next episode, make sure to enscribe for our newsletter so you don’t miss out any of our tips!.


I’m proud of you!

Stay healthy, positive and motivated!