SixDeuce vs Nike Comparison Reviews

Nike vs SixDeuce Comparison Reviews

SixDeuce Runner leggings VS Nike Running pants

I’m a big fan of Nike sports leggings.

What I like about the Nike leggings is that they are stretchy, yet firm and feel very comfortable to wear.

My black Nike running pants hides my cellulite and shows my curves and round bum, just the way I like it.

 What I noticed with my Nike leggings is that they are see-through, this I find a real pity.

After washing my Nike leggings they start peeling on the stitches and the Nike logo cracks and breaks down.


After running I also do some exercises like squats, lunges, Jumping Jacks,…

The Nike running leggings I have are not really Squat Proof and the waist band rolls down, so I have to pull it up while exercising.


As from today I’m a big SixDeuce Fan, the SixDeuce Runner leggings is just amazing!


SixDeuce Runner has a nice high waist.

It is not see-through!

Also after wearing and washing it several times it doesn’t start peeling and the prints stay nicely.

The fabric feels amazing, the SixDeuce Runner pants is devided in 2 pieces which makes it amazing for running and also for normal exercising!

The upper part feels like a second skin, soft, comfy, stretchy, just love it!

And the socks are compression fabric.

This is definately my favorite running pants from now on, the compression socks are amazing, they make my legs feel so much better while running and also after.

They are squat proof for sure, also the high waistband stays in place which is FANTASTIC!


As for the looks, SixDeuce definitely sets the trend and it really shows my nice curves, muscles and round bum!


So my conclusion Nike vs SixDeuce:



Nike Running pants

SixDeuce The Runner legging

Fit & Feel

Firm and comfortable

Firm, comfortable, second skin, squat-proof, high waistband stays in place


True to size

True to size


Shows no cellulite

Looks nice and shows my feminine curves

Shows no cellulite

Shows nice round and firm bum, feminine curves

Shows nice muscle definition

Hip & Trendy


Not perfect, see-through & waistband rolls down

Yes definately, feels stretchy and comfortable, not see-through and high waistband stays in place










Tummy Control on 10




SixDeuce definitely came out as my favorite, I’m even wearing it as a all day legging, it’s just so comfy.