SixDeuce vs Better Bodies

SixDeuce vs Better bodies comparison reviews

Better Bodies vs SixDeuce


The Better Bodies leggings look pretty nice, however I’m not a big fan of them the reasons being.... 

The fabric feels nice and the seam above the bum going over the leggs downwords on the front looks nice and is really a Better Bodies thing.

I do like they really have their own signature with this, 

The Better Bodies leggings fit around my legs feels good and firm, this is nice, the fabric is comfortable, however the waistband is a different story, it really diggs in my waist, really giving muffin puffs, not so flattering.

Also a cameltoe is really present on most of the Better Bodies leggings.


This is really dissapointing becaus when I go to the gym I want to look nice and selfconfident and I don’t want to be thinking about cameltoes and muffin tops…


Yes for being squatproof, Better Bodies legging is not see through.


Then looking at the SixDeuce leggings, their fabric feels much more softer and comfortable for me, but that’s just my preference.

The softer fabric leggings feel like a second skin and the compression leggings just feel so comfortable, firming, yet showing my muscle definition very well.


I love the SixDeuce V-front waistband!

OMG this is the best waistband ever, looking sexy, keeping the pants in place, no muffin tops, no pulling up.
Yes I’m a big fan!!!


My conclusion Better Bodies vs SixDeuce:



Better Bodies


Fit & Feel

Firming and shaping.

Waistband is way to tight for me giving me muffin tops, not so flattering for me.

Better Bodies are not giving me that selfconfidence I need during my exercises in the gym or outdoors.

Very comfortable.

Second skin fabric is amazing.

Love the compression socks.

Because of the V-front waistband, the legging stays in place, no dropping down and no pulling up!


True to size, but waistband is to tight.

True to size and amazing V-front waistband that looks freaking amazing


Shows no cellulite

Like the seam from bootie to the front of the legs going down

Shows no cellulite

Shows nice round and firm bum, femine curves

Shows nice muscle definition

Hot models and very nice V-front











No, thick fabric





Tummy Control on 10




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