SixDeuce vs Adidas

Adidas vs SixDeuce


I’m going to compare my Adidas Leggings with SixDeuce.


I’m wearing Adidas allready for many years and they are comfortable, however most of them I have are see-through, so not Squatproof.


The fabric of the Adidas feels nice and smooth, and also they shape a bit, which I really like.

SixDeuce uses amazing fabrics, they have compression leggings and also leggings where they use a second skin fabric, which just feels so amazing.

Both of these fabrics are stretchy, specially for the compression leggings, you can still do all the exercises you want and definately squatproof.


I have one pair of Adidas leggings that has a mesh part in it, that gives it a special touch, but most of the Adidas leggings are quite basic.

And what I love on the SixDeuce Leggings, they are always really cool and trendy, you don’t see anyone else looking so hot in the gym!


Also they have some basic leggings like the High waist with extra length pocket yoga leggings, for those who like to have a basic color, I have these in black and they are really so comfortable, they are quite like Lululemon, but then much better pricing and quality.


What I did notice with Adidas is that the leggings I have are either perfect fit around my legs, but then a loose waistband or a good fit around my waist, but then they’re to tight around my legs.

This is a petty, because of the fact that most Adidas leggings are a bit see-through.

I tested the leggings of SixDeuce and they all came out as squat proof, so not see-through.


Then another point on some of my Adidas leggings, I do get a camel-toe and rally, I hate this, it’s so uncomfortable wearing those…

So these Adidas once ended up laying around in my closet.

I don’t know how they did it, but the SixDeuce leggings are camel-toe free, which is amazing!


As for the pricing Adidas has some cheaper models, however for the quality and comfort I would definately choose SixDeuce, they are not expensive and they have an amazing quality.

SixDeuce’s value for money to me is much better then Adidas.


My conclusion Adidas vs SixDeuce:





Fit & Feel

Comfortable, however loose waistband, which rolls down while exercising.

Some models do show nice muscle definition

Very comfortable, shows nice muscle definition and curves.

Love the compression socks


True to size on glutes, but not on waistband

True to size


Shows some cellulite

Some of them give muffintops…

Shows nice muscle definition

Quite basic models

Shows no cellulite

Shows nice round and firm bum, feminine curves

Shows nice muscle definition

All models look cool and trendy!




Squat proof












Tummy Control on 10