SixDeuce vs Gymshark Comparison and Reviews

SixDeuce vs Gymshark comparison and reviews

SixDeuce “The Bombshell” leggings VS Gymshark leggings


Gymshark is know allready for quite a while and SixDeuce is popping up all over instagram, so I wanted to try them and compare with Gymshark.


They’re pricing is quite the same, so I’m really curious on the differences in quality, comfort and looks.


What I like about Gymshark is all the matching leggings with tops.

The Gymshark sportsbra’s and also the Gymshark Crop tops.


The quality is ok, depending on what leggings, and what fabric.

Some of Gymsharks leggings are made of a really thin fabric which makes them see-through and with 1 Gymshark legging after working out 2 times it had a whole at the bum.


Gymsharks Leggings have no cameltoe and depending on the fabric the Gymshark legging is made of they are hiding my cellulite very well.


I love the Gymshark Flex Leggings with the shape but, this makes my but look amazing.


After wearing some of the Gymshark Leggings for a few times they start peeling at the thighs.

Also some of the Gymshark Leggings are see through but definately not all, I wear seamless nude underwear under them, which makes them squatproof.


Now let’s talk about SixDeuce, I’ve heard of them in the past, but they weren’t as knows as today.

But I have to say, I love their leggings.


They feel very comfortable, the SixDeuce Compression Leggings, like the Bombshell and the Dance Monkey are really keeping my body firm, yet feeling stretchy and gives lots of flexibilty during workouts.


Almost of their leggings are not see-through accept for the Dance Monkey in the bright pink, so I do the same as with the Gymshark Leggings that are see through, I wear seamless nude underwear.


Also they hide my cellulite perfectly and after wearing them the whole day they don’t feel sweaty.


As for the other leggings SixDeuce offers they have an amazing texture and print, so you don’t see cellulite and it feels like a second skin.


I love the SixDeuce Runner, the compression socks feel amazing, especially during running, they make my legs feel so much more relaxed.


Overal I love the SixDeuce leggings and I can’t wait for them to come up with their new range of products.

I definately added SixDeuce to one of my favorite Gym wear brands!


So my conclusion Gymshark vs SixDeuce:





Fit & Feel

Firm, comfortable, squatproof, some of them are sweatproof, high waistband is sometimes a bit loose.

Firm, comfortable, second skin, squatproof, sweatproof, high waistband stays in place, love the sexy V-front waistband.


True to size

True to size


Depending on fabric, shows no cellulite

Shows nice round and firm bum, femine curves

Shows nice muscle definition

They look nice, however a bit Modest

Shows no cellulite

Shows nice round and firm bum, femine curves

Shows nice muscle definition

Hip & Trendy, you really stand out in the Gym!


Yes, some of Gymshark Leggings are see-through, feels stretchy and comfortable, the high waistband of some of their leggings rolls down a bit.

Yes definately, feels stretchy and comfortable, most are not see-through (depending on the color) and high waistband stays in place, specially the V-front waist feels amazing doing squats.


Most are








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