X-Fit Dos Fitness Leggings

X-Fit Dos Fitness Leggings

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X-Fit Dos fitness leggings with a cool black/pink and purple colour scheme

  • Internal drawstring hidden on the inside of waistband
  • Velcro resistant
  • Squat proof

Our choice of fabric allows us to sublimate all of our designs and patterns which means that the color is heated in to the fabric instead of just being pressed on the surface. One of the many big advantages using this method is that the apparel can be washed countless of times without losing any of the color or sharpness. 

The tights are also semi-compressive which means that the sizes are in general a little smaller in comparison to other household brands such as Nike, Adidas etc. Because of this we strongly advise you to follow our size chart when selecting a size.

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Why use our Six Deuce Fitness Series Leggings? 

  • Our Tights offer a layer of warmth while maximizing airflow.
  • The fabric and design of our tights minimizes skin discomfort and keeps chafing to an absolute minimum. 
  • Tights are aerodynamic, which decreases wind resistance especially on windy days.